End Of The Year Celebration

Saturday October 27th 2012 is the Rec End Of The Year Celebration and Tournament day for U10 and up.

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Field Assignments:

  • U10 Girls: All Games at Manville
  • U10 Boys: All Games at Lime Back Field
  • U12 Boys: All Games at Lime Front Field
  • U13 Girls: All Games at Manville
  • U16 Coed: All qualifing games at Davies
  • U16 Championship is at 2:00 PM at Lincoln Middle School
  • Coaches game is at 3:00 rosters and captains to be announced.

Rules of the playoff games:

Tournament Rules:

  • U16 Halves are 25 Minutes
  • U12/U13 Halves are 20 minutes
  • U10 Halves are 20 minutes

Substitution for all games follows Superliga rules.

  • Subs are allowed your throw-in or on a opponents throw-in who is also subbing
  • Subs are allowed on goal kicks
  • Subs are NOT allowed on any corner kick


Any game in any age division that ends in a tie at the end of regulation will have one overtime period of (5) minutes. The Golden Goal rule is in effect; meaning the first team that scores in the OT ends the match on that goal. If the game remains tied after OT both teams will move onto PK’s.

* Championship games will have (2) OT periods of (5) minutes apiece still with the Golden Goal rule in effect

Penalty Kicks:

Each team will qualify (3) players to take PK’s. The Keeper may take PK’s as one of the (3) players chosen by the coach. Each team will take three apiece. If the teams are still tied coaches will send (1) new (who has yet to take a PK) player each until one team scores and the other does not. No player may take a second PK until every player on the team has taken at least one.

* Championship games will begin with (5) players taking PK’s before moving onto the 1V1 scenario.


Every player on the game roster should be playing an equal time. Every player should be off the field at least once each half. No player should play every minute of the game.

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