LYSA’s Spring Competitive Soccer offers a place for more experienced players to test their skills and represent LYSA participating in SRI’s Spring Competitive Season. Our Spring teams have games here in Lincoln and also travel to other towns throughout the state. Spring soccer requires a higher level of commitment from players as the goal is to increase player skill level and build strong competitive players/teams. Our purpose here is to offer a place for players to develop skills necessary to play at the Middle School and High School levels.

All players MUST try-out to be considered for a Spring Team. Try-out sign-up is posted on our website in early October. Our Try-Outs are held in June for U10 and up, and in October for U8

There is no fee to try out. If you are accepted to a team you must register on line and send in a spring fee. Spring competitive soccer requires travel across the state on the weekends between April and June. Most schedules consist of 7 or 8 games and possibly play offs. The fee is used to pay for team items such as game balls, team fees to join the SuperLiga, paint for the fields, state bond monies, player passes, insurance, fines, and referee fees. The spring fees DO NOT include competitive uniforms, indoor fees, tournament fees or any additional indoor practice time.

You will be asked if you wish to play spring competitive soccer. ( Spring outdoor ball)

If you check this box you also will be asked do you wish to train for spring soccer by playing indoor soccer in the winter. LYSA does not consider indoor soccer a separate season. Indoor soccer played at the Hab in Uxbridge Mass., is used as training for our players to get prepared for the spring competitive outdoor season. First preference to team assignments may be given to players who are preparing for the spring outdoor competitive season.

You may check that you want to play indoor soccer only. LYSA realizes that many players may prefer to play sports in the spring other than soccer but want to participate playing indoor ball during the winter months. Based on the number of players needed to make indoor teams, LYSA may benefit by these players playing in the winter. On the other hand if there are too many players for one team and not enough players to make another team the players signed up to play spring competitive may be given preference. This may also be determined by the player’s level of play.

In spring competitive ball, just because you try out does not mean you make a competitive travel team. Ratings at tryouts are based on independent evaluator’s scores, game results, and objective observations . Coaches cannot just pick who they want. Every effort is made to give a player a fair evaluation and place them in the appropriate division.

There are 2 winter sessions and most teams do play both sessions. You must purchase a competitive uniform. The cost is $60.00 and the uniform usually fits for several seasons. Other cost could include additional fees shared by the team to rent indoor field time or space to practice and fees shared by teams to enter and travel to competitive tournaments. We do all we can to keep costs to a minimum, however, costs are subject to change for every new season.

The core players of most teams play together indoors and then continue together as a team in the spring. Please note that the number of players on the field is much smaller indoors than the 11 vs 11 player in the spring outdoors. Due to this indoor rosters are smaller than spring rosters. Players may be moved from one division to another in order to complete rosters moving into the spring competitive season. The move can be based on ranking during tryouts, performance during indoor sessions and coach’s recommendations.

LYSA does not offer a Recreational Season in the Spring.

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