Through the generosity of our members, LYSA offers scholarships to needy LYSA families.

To apply for a scholarship, a family must

  1. Download, print, and fill out the scholarship form completely
  2. Mail the form to LYSA, to be postmarked no later than three weeks before the start of the season that you are applying for.
  3. REGISTER FOR THE SEASON.  By registering, we can get proper counts. If your child is registered and is not selected to receive the scholarship, we can work out a payment plan, or remove the child from the roster.

LYSA will then review all forms received and grant the scholarship(s) accordingly. You will be notified by LYSA as to the status of your scholarship after the decisions are made.

Note: Scholarships will not be granted once the season has started. Scholarships can be submitted at any time before the deadline.