LYSA encourages coaches to read and follow the Coaches Principles of Conduct established by the R.I. Youth Super Liga:

Coaches Principles of Conduct


· A coach’s first responsibility is the health and safety of all players.

· Know and understand the Laws of the Game and RIYSL rules and policies.

· Inspect all players’ equipment and field for the safety of all.

· Supervise and control your players to avoid injuries.

· Implement proper training methods to avoid any player injuries.


· Develop the player’s appreciation for the game.

· Keep winning and losing in proper perspective.

· Be sensitive to each player’s development needs.

· Educate all players on all aspects of the game and its demands.

· Players need to have fun.

· Allow them to be creative, make decisions and give feedback.

· Training should be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.


· Strive to maintain the integrity within our sport.

· Work in a spirit of cooperation with officials, administrators, coaches and spectators to provide the maximum opportunity for development and enjoyment.

· Be a positive role model.

· Set the standard for sportsmanship.

· The  result of the games should not be the focal point of the game and the result differential should not be allowed to exceed more than eight goals.

· Explain to players and parents what acceptable behavior is during training and the games.

· Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents, supporters and themselves. When situations involving unacceptable behavior occur, the coach must address the problem immediately.

· Encourage all to cheer for all players on the field and not yell and criticize them.

· Refrain from addressing any referee during the game.  If a coach has an issue with a game or referee, they need to inform their association about it and not hold court on the field at anytime.