For those of you with first time players in the LYSA competitive program, they will need a uniform. Our uniform supplier is DMK Sports in Smithfield. LYSA is currently in the process of changing over uniform styles. The same navy blue color is there, but the logo and piping will be different from older style uniforms that last year’s players are wearing. We are not mandating returning players to buy the new uniforms this year, however by September 2013 everyone will need to be in the newer style.

The uniform ‘Pack’ is shorts, socks and two shirts (Navy & White) and will cost $74 to our members.

Samples are now in at DMK. You will need to bring your child there to get them sized. Don at DMK Sports said walk-ins are fine, if you would like to call ahead you can reach DMK by phone at 401-232-3609 or by e-mail at donjr at